About Me


It all started when...

Hi! My name is Shannon Hibbard and I am a first year planetary geology PhD student at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada. My research with Dr. Gordon Osinski focuses on periglacial/glacial Earth-Mars analogues. 

I grew up in Florida and moved to Ohio to obtain my Bachelor of Science degree at The Ohio State University. During my time at Ohio State, I researched sediment provenance in a pro-glacial drainage basin in the Oeztal Alps, Austria. I received my MS degree from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania researching the geochemistry of Precambrian impact ejecta produced by impact-derived vapor plumes. Additional research experience includes assisting in field work in Antarctica for the 2013 Antarctic field season by mapping buried ice and quantifying landscape change in Garwood Valley. I also assisted in research in Germany and Austria regarding fluvial and high mountain pro-glacial landscape evolution. In addition, I assisted in field research in New Zealand and Norway dating glacial moraines and rock falls.

PhD Western University, CA Ongoing - Geology
MSc Temple University, US 2017 - Geology
BS The Ohio State University, US 2014 - Geology